Do you need help to improve your SaaS or Product Engineering?

Our network of seasoned experts will help you to improve your product engineering pipeline according to industry best standards.

With a templated approach, we setup your (hybrid) team structure, agile way of working, product story mapping and design, and engineering practices.

By that, we'll get you up and running and provide software engineering results within weeks. Meaning your SaaS or platform software actually is innovating right away.

Get Started

Here is what we'll do

  • We analyze your product engineering situation
  • We provide a pragmatic improvement plan
  • We focus on UX and high-impact technologies
  • We perform story mapping and create a smart roadmap
  • We start innovating and delivering functionality again
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How we'll do it

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Discovery Session

For the first discovery session we'll schedule an appointment at your office to discuss the challenges you are facing and establish the objectives for modernization. We will also demonstrate through concrete and visual examples how we have addressed similar situations for our clients. Finally, we will discuss a high-level approach and schedule a potential follow-up.

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Meeting Your Team

We will discuss how to tackle modernization (e.g., refactoring, rebuilding, story mapping) and how to collaborate with your team in this process. This includes a detailed discussion on product engineering, user experience design, and technology and architecture approaches, along with identifying the stakeholders involved. We'll visualize the detailed approach with practical examples.

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Improvement Plan

You will receive an improvement plan to develop a successful, future-ready product engineering practice that will delight end-users. This will also cover our collaboration approach, how we will ensure your organization builds the necessary knowledge, and an estimate of the required investment, and timeline. You will be surprised that you'll see improvement within weeks, not months.

Schedule a discovery workshop

Our experienced team will guide you through a collaborative session to uncover your team's strengths and challenges, paving the way for successful projects and improved team dynamics.